About Us

Started in May 2009, MobileVantage is the brainchild of former Unitrak employee Ted Gorsline. In dealing with major Canadian telecom companies at his former job, Mr. Gorsline was constantly frustrated at their lack of customer orientation and transparency. Knowing that fellow Canadians shared these same frustrations and were overpaying on their telecom bills, the idea for MobileVantage emerged.

What our customers say:

"Dealing with telecom providers makes me crazy. Pricing isn't transparent. The small print can kill you. Terms and conditions seem to be largely reliant on who you talk to. I've got 3 excellent reasons for retaining MobileVantage:

  1. They somehow make sense of all the competitive chatter
  2. They drive a good financial deal
  3. They have the patience and intestinal fortitude to deal with these providers."

-Carla Canizares

Simply put, MobileVantage was created to help ameliorate these problems and stick up for the "little guy" - something that Canada's monolithic telecommunications companies seem rather disinterested in. Having to use cellphones is a reality for any small business or family in the world we live in, but worrying about and overpaying for said phones doesn't have to be.

This thinking drives MobileVantage's actions every day, as we strive to create the most customer friendly and stress-free telecom savings process possible. We know how important saving money is to our customers, but we also know how important their time is as well. Through our experience and expertise in the Canadian telecom industry, we are able to negotiate the most cost-effective plan for you. And through a strong understanding of your needs, your business, and your usage patterns, we are able to ensure that this plan fits you. Although a relatively young company, MobileVantage already has a following of satisfied customers who have saved thousands of dollars with our help. What could you do with the money you save?

Watch a slideshow presentation about MobileVantage:

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