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"Ted Gorsline started MobileVantage 18 months ago and already his phone is ringing non-stop." Read more...


"The company exists to fight the good fight for consumers - they negotiate your wireless plan and shop around for the best deals, saving consumers the hassle" Read more...

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"I was given Tedís name from a colleague at Bosley Real Estate and was told what he did for her...of course I was skeptical but met with Ted and quickly found out he could save me close to 300 dollars per month... it was a no brainer! I'd highly recommend you give MobileVantage a try... you have nothing to lose...except the money you're giving to your provider!!"

- Patrick Rocca, Broker, Bosley Real Estate

"Ted gives you great service and the value I have added to my phone package makes my life so much easier. And all for less than I was already paying! It was easy†and fast to set up. It makes me wonder why everyone doesn't do this."

- Danyelle Boily, Realtor, Bosley Real Estate

ďWe donít often invite vendors or service providers to our monthly meetings, but after Mobile Vantage personally saved me $3880.00 on my existing Blackberry and iPhone contracts I had to tell everyone at the office about them. I still donít understand why the big providers play these games with us, but thankfully Ted is there to help all of us who donít want endlessly sit on hold.Ē

- Evan Sage, VP, Sales Representative, Sage Real Estate

ďAs a real estate agent I use my cell phone a lot. I knew that I had an expensive bill, but I had no idea what to do about it. MobileVantage saved me over $1500.00 per year. I now know that I can use my phone and not DREAD next monthís bill.Ē

- Heather Hadden, Realtor, Bosley Real Estate