Frequently Asked Questions

I've dealt with Telecom companies before and I've received discounts in doing so. Why should I consider MobileVantage?

Of course we encourage our clients to first resolve their telecom issues before coming to us. MobileVantage offers the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will receive the best value for your money with your new plan, and have erroneous and false charges credited back retroactively. Furthermore, one of MobileVantage's key strengths lies in our ability to alleviate the stress and time that you invest by having to deal with your telecom provider.

My provider tells me I already have the best plan for me. What makes MobileVantage think they can do any better?

Depending on your calling pattern there will always be advertised plans that will reduce your overages caused by text messaging, long distance, daytime minute usage and data. However, just because you are on one of these plans does not mean that you are on the BEST plan. MobileVantage reduces both the principal and the overage and offers you more minutes. By examining your usage and billing history, along with understanding you/your business' telecom needs, we are able to negotiate the most cost-effective plan that fits your needs.

What kind of plan will I receive?

MobileVantage will negotiate a plan for you that fits your wireless usage pattern. Our goal is to help you save money!

What guarantee do I have that MobileVantage will be able to save me money?

Firstly, if MobileVantage doesn't save you money, you don't pay! MobileVantage will be able to help you reduce your costs every step of the way, and after your plan is re-negotiated, MobileVantage is committed to keeping your plan at the rate that we negotiated for you.

What does MobileVantage require from ME throughout the saving process?

MobileVantage does all the work for you, so that saving money is quick, stress-free, and easy. All MobileVantage needs from you is copies of past cellular statements (providing 3 statements is ideal), and permission with your cellular provider for us to make changes on your behalf. We do the talking, you do the saving!

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